35 Alternative Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas 2017

We all got used to Christmas tree decoration but what about alternative Christmas tree decorating? We’ve collected alternative Christmas tree decoration ideas that feature classic Christmas decorations, including elegant Christmas tree decorating and decorating indoor and outdoor Christmas trees. I hope that you’ll find some great ideas for your own creative Christmas tree decoration. For more update about fashion trends/home decor follow us at Pinterest.

More Christmas Decor Ideas From Gravetics.com

Browse through images of beautiful Christmas tree decoration ideas for inspiration to create your perfect style this Christmas.

3D paper triangle christmas treeA large advent calendar that doubles as a Christmas treeAlternative Christmas treeAn old ladder sitting around in your shedArranged trinkets into the shape of a Christmas tree

Arranging pieces of PVC pipe on your wallsArtfully arrange sticks and hang them on your wall.Beautiful Christmas tree made from red rosettesChandelier of green baubles to represent a Christmas treeChristmas tree could be as easy as printing one out, complete with glue-on decorationsCreate Christmas trees using pages from books!Create lots of green pom poms and glue them on a cardboard coneDIY alternative book Christmas tree!DIY alternative to a Christmas treeDIY Christmas tree idea for the book loverDIY shell Christmas treesDIY string Christmas treeEye-catching and fun designs to arrange into a Christmas tree shape on your wallEye-catching Christmas tree designGrab some colorful and decorative tapeIt’s a beautiful alternative Christmas tree which has been created using cardboard!Look at this free-standing wooden Christmas treeModern DIY Christmas tree designOld wooden rulers into a Christmas treeRolls of Christmas paperRustic stick christmas tree designRustic tree design by sitting cute crittersRustic twig treesScandinavian lookStunning tulle Christmas treesWall painted in black chalkboard paintWashi Tape Christmas Tree Decoration Ideawashi tape christmas treeWith a sheet of plywood, nails, and yarn you can create a quirky and colorful Christmas tree designWonderful alternative Christmas tree

Images Source: instagram.com